Part D. City Logistics in Practice

City logistics as a practical field of application in solving urban freight transportation problems, including the analysis of case studies and best practices. Although the main focus will be on advanced economies such as Europe and North America, city logistics issues in developing economies will also be addressed. There is an array of emerging technologies that are being developed or adapted to the urban environment. The urban environment, due to its inherent characteristics, requires specifics forms of mitigation including the potential of adapted modes of transportation.

Editors: Tom O’Brien, Laetitia Dablanc

Section 10. City logistics in global cities

Lead: Laetitia Dablanc, Jean-Paul Rodrigue

A typology of city logistics and the main forms and challenges it takes according to the function of a city. The current and anticipated transport and information technologies implemented to facilitate urban freight movements. Upcoming, transformative and disruptive city logistics technologies.

  • The Global City in the Era of City Logistics.
  • North American and European Cities.
  • East Asian Cities.
  • Cities of Developing Economies.

Section 11. Mitigation policies and strategies

Lead: Tom O’Brien

The main strategies that have been implemented and their outcome. The balance between conventional and alternative systems of urban freight distribution.

Section 12. Case studies and best practices

Lead: Alison Conway, Genevieve Giuliano

Selected case studies of city logistics strategies involving modes, terminals and policies. Assessment of their respective effectiveness. Lessons to be learned from less or non-effective strategies.