Part A. Freight and the City

Section 1. The urban freight landscape

Lead: Laetitia Dablanc

Section 2. Drivers of urban freight demand

Lead: Genevieve Giuliano

Section 3. Urban freight distribution

Lead: Jean-Paul Rodrigue

Part B. Issues and Challenges of City Logistics

Section 4. Stakeholders of urban logistics

Lead: Tom O’Brien

Section 5. Constraints and externalities

Lead: Alison Conway

  • Navigating the city
  • Parking and unloading
  • Safety
  • Air pollution, noise and emissions

Section 6. Urban logistics facilities

Lead: Jean-Paul Rodrigue

Part C. City Logistics Data and Models

Section 7. Data sources and collection

Lead: Jee-Sun Lee and Alison Conway

  • Urban Freight Surveys. Dr. Florence Toilier.
  • Challenges of Freight Data
  • Public versus Private Data

Section 8. Urban freight models

Lead: Alison Conway

  • City Logistics Modeling. Dr. Florence Toilier.
  • Trip Generation Models
  • Warehousing Location Models
  • Demand Forecasting and Scenario Building. Dr. Florence Toilier.

Section 9. Analytical methods

Lead: Genevieve Giuliano

  • Applying Urban Freight Models
  • Evaluating the Performance of City Logistics Vehicles
  • Visualizing City Logistics

Part D. City Logistics in Practice

Section 10. Mitigating city logistics in global cities

Lead: Laetitia Dablanc, Jean-Paul Rodrigue

Section 11. Case studies and best practices

Lead: Alison Conway, Genevieve Giuliano